InSinkErator Garbage Disposals – The iconic American appliance

InSinkErator garbage disposals help make kitchen cleanup fast so you get back to doing the things you love. With an InSinkErator disposal, you’ll have a cleaner, fresher kitchen and?more time to enjoy life.

There are more American-built InSinkErator garbage disposals in homes around the world than all other brands combined. A full line of models means that there is one right for every home and?every budget. InSinkErator. Made in America.* Loved worldwide.

* Disposers are designed and?manufactured in the USA with over 80% domestic content.


Instant Hot Water Dispensers – Stylish. Convenient. Indispensible.

InSinkErator instant hot water dispensers make it possible to get near-boiling water as easy as it is to fill a glass. Imagine how great it would be to have piping hot water – ready all the time – right at the kitchen sink!

Instant hot water dispensers speed up preparation of meals and?drinks like coffee and?tea, make cleaning a snap and?are useful for dozens of other tasks. Plus, the stylish, faucets complement your existing kitchen faucet, adding to the beauty of your kitchen.

80th Anniversary | InSinkErator

80 Years

Did you know garbage disposals are an environmentally responsible option for keeping food waste out of landfills?

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