PowerRinse? Waste Collection System

Productivity for your operation. Sustainability for the environment.?


When dishwashing operators fall behind, so does productivity.

The PowerRinse Waste Collection System improves kitchen efficiency by increasing pre-rinse and scrapping speed, while reducing bulk waste without grinding. With PowerRinse, scrapping and pre-rinsing can be accomplished in one step. By using both hands to scrap dishes under the powerful plume of recirculated water, operators easily cut the time it takes to clear dishes in half – sometimes even tripling their speed!

  • Consumes 50% less fresh water per hour than other collector systems on the market?
  • Can be used in locations with compost programs or as an alternative to disposer and pulper systems

How Does PowerRinse Work?

A plume of recirculated water aids in the pre-rinse and scrapping of dishes, which can be accomplished in just one step prior to dishwashing.? ?

Solid waste is collected in a scrap basket, while water-soluble waste is sent down the drain, reducing the amount of waste hauling required. With the smallest screen size in the industry, PowerRinse ensures more food waste is captured, and less ends up down the drain. Collected solids can then be emptied into a waste or compost receptacle.

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