Turn ten bags of food waste into less than two.

WasteXpress efficiently processes food waste without the need to use cardboard. Our systems can process up to 700 lbs. per hour, and install under any standard dish table. Place all liquid and solid waste into the food waste disposer, where it's first ground and then reduced by up to 85% of its original volume in the dewatering section. Ten bags of waste can be turned into less than two! WasteXpress can handle virtually all kitchen waste, including food scraps, placemats, napkins, jelly packets and straws.

Discover how much you can save by using WasteXpress.


Waste reduction for the kitchen. Compost mix for the earth.

Composting is nature's way of recycling. When food waste decomposes, it becomes nutrient-rich food for soil, plants and gardens. WasteXpress does more than increase kitchen productivity and profitability by reducing food waste by up to 85%. When processing food waste only, WasteXpress diverts food waste from landfills by creating a finely ground, semi-dry pulp that’s easier to store, cheaper to haul, and optimally mixed for composting.

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