Grind More. Hear Less.

Grind more types of food waste. Hear less noise.

Imagine carrying on a normal conversation while the garbage disposal is running. It’s possible with InSinkErator Evolution Series?, the most advanced disposals available anywhere.

All Evolution disposals are engineered with advanced technologies that help them handle more types of food waste and?to make far less noise while doing it. Even tough waste like cornhusks, bones and melon rinds are easily whisked away with Evolution.

At the heart of Evolution disposers is the rugged and?reliable Dura-Drive? induction motor, which is designed to provide years of dependable performance.

InSinkErator Badger

Rugged and?reliable. Sounds like a Badger?? ?

Badger Series? garbage disposals are the choice of homeowners looking for hard-working helpers in the kitchen that are as tough on food waste as they are easy on the wallet.

Badger Series disposals feature durable Dura-Drive? induction motors for years of dependable service. It’s that dependability – plus their value price – that have made Badger Series the world’s best-selling line of disposals. In fact, there are Badger Series disposals installed in homes on every continent.

Septic Systems

Garbage disposals and?septic systems can be best friends

We’ve all heard it, the myth that says garbage disposals are a “no-no” for homes with private septic systems. Well, the truth is that all disposals can be used with a septic system, and InSinkErator engineers have developed the Evolution Septic Assist? disposal specifically for those homes with private systems.

Every time the high-performance Septic Assist disposal is activated it injects exclusive Bio-Charge? enzymes into the grind chamber that helps break down food waste in your septic system.

Choose the Best Disposal for Your Home

Choose the Best Disposal for Your Home

Use our product selector to easily find the right disposal for you. Answer a few questions and your best solution will be displayed to learn more information and find where to buy the product.

We Come to You? In-Home Warranty means worry-free

We Come to You? In-Home Warranty means worry-free

InSinkErator products are built for reliable, long-term performance. But, we know there are times that a garbage disposal or instant hot water dispenser may need servicing.

If there is ever an issue with your InSinkErator product, rest assured that we’re here to help. Every disposal and dispenser is backed by an amazing We Come to You? In-Home Limited Warranty that means just what it says: if your InSinkErator product needs servicing, we’ll come to your home to make it right.*

*?If the problem with your disposal is due to defects in materials or workmanship, InSinkErator may pay to have an authorized service center service the disposer in your home at no charge to you.

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