The reliability of Badger Series? garbage disposals begin and end with their long-lasting and dependable Dura-Drive? induction motors. Does that matter? It sure does.

InSinkErator Badger

Badger Series? – The #1 choice worldwide.

There are more Badger Series? garbage disposals in kitchens all over the world than any other brand.

With several Badger models to choose from, there is a model to fit nearly every home and every budget.

Do's and Don'ts

Do's and Don'ts

There are only a few basic steps that you’ll want to take to make sure your Badger Series? garbage disposal does its best work.?

Always start by running a low stream of COLD water before starting your disposal. Cold water helps solidify food waste, allowing it to be easily flushed through the pipes. After turning on the disposal, SLOWLY add food scraps without overloading. Once the grinding has stopped and?you’ve turned off the disposal, run cold water for about 10 more seconds.

Quick Lock?

It’s all in the family. Quick Lock? works with any InSinkErator disposal – old to new.

Quick Lock? makes it fast and?easy to switch out one InSinkErator garbage disposal for another. That’s because the patented Quick Lock mount is completely compatible with all InSinkErator models.?

If you’re installing a disposal for the first time, all of the Quick Lock components you need come packed in the box. And then if it’s time to upgrade or replace your disposal, simply twist off the old one and?twist on the new. It’s just that easy!

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