SinkTop Switch?

Convenience meets style with the SinkTop Switch?

People who add the air-powered SinkTop Switch? to their kitchen have a hard time deciding what they appreciate more. Is it the conveniently located and?easy-to-operate switch that replaces their wall switch? Or, is it the clean style that adds a touch of elegance to their sink? We say why not love both!?

The SinkTop Switch mounts to your sink, countertop or even the front of your sink cabinet for a whole new way to operate your garbage disposal. Press the SinkTop Switch and?a blast of air travels to a module below the sink to turn on the disposal. Press it again and?it stops!

Stoppers & Flanges

Dress up your disposal with a custom sink flange and stopper.

Your garbage disposal is tucked away out of sight under your sink. But, that doesn’t mean that it can’t make a visual statement in your kitchen.?

Select a custom sink flange and?stopper from one of the many available finishes to give your sink a designer’s touch and?make a statement about your style.


Jam-Buster? makes short work of jams.

InSinkErator garbage disposals are engineered to avoid being jammed by food scraps. In the event a jam does occur, InSinkErator makes it easy to get out of jams with the Jam-Buster? Wrench. Insert Jam-Buster into the bottom of the disposer and?simply turn to free the jammed grind plate.


Bio-Charge? gives septic systems a boost.

Bio-Charge? enzyme cartridges work with Evolution Septic Assist? garbage disposals to treat a home’s septic system and?make the kitchen sink smell fresh. Bio-Charge treatments inject natural microorganisms into the disposal that help break down food scraps to be handled by the septic system. Plus, Bio-Charge is formulated with a clean, citrus scent that helps control sink odors.?

One Bio-Charge cartridge, which works only with Evolution Septic Assist disposals and?lasts 3 to 4 months with average use.

Quiet Collar? Sink Baffle

Quiet Collar? Sink Baffle

The majority of noise from garbage disposals comes up through the sink opening. Using only water and?a little InSinkErator? ingenuity, the Quiet Collar? Sink Baffle is engineered to block noise coming up through the sink opening.?

The patented InSinkErator? Quiet Collar? Sink Baffle – which works with all Evolution Series? disposals – is designed to create a thin layer of water above the sink opening while the disposal is running. That layer of water acts as a sound “dam” that significantly limits the amount of noise coming up through the sink.

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