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Upgrade your kitchen with the convenience of near-boiling water at your fingertips. Our new digital instant hot water tank features an adjustable digital touch-screen thermostat control, so you can select the perfect water temperature – between 190°F and 210°F – for the perfect tasting hot beverage.

Available with the InSinkErator? F-2000S filtration system to ensure your near boiling water tastes and smells great. The F-2000 filter adds a higher level of filtration that reduces particulates, plus other harmful contaminants such as cysts, lead, mercury, asbestos, particulates and other impurities.?

Precise temperature control   Compact design   All-welded construction

A simple digital touch screen control enables you to choose the perfect water temperature between 190°F and 210°F, maintained to within +/– 1°F.

  Designed with a small footprint in mind for convenience and versatility, our new digital tank hangs neatly or stands upright under your sink.   Premium 316L stainless steel and 100% welded and brazed construction ensure that you’re investing in quality, reliability and peace-of-mind.
Advanced design   Efficient performance   Ultra-quiet operation
Our innovative design doesn’t incorporate elastomer seals or o-rings, helping to eliminate leaks and prevent faucet dripping.


A 2/3-gallon tank produces up to 210°F water instantly. The energy efficient tank operates on an estimated $20/yr. standby cost (US).

  What’s that you hear? Quite possibly, nothing. We’ve increased the tank insulation for ultraquiet, soundproofed performance.
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