How InSinkErator instant hot water systems work

Here’s a quick look at how the instant hot water system works.

The way the InSinkErator? instant hot water system works is really quite simple. First, the system taps into the kitchen sink’s cold water supply, which is connected to the hot water tank. The tank mounts under the sink and?keeps 2/3 gallons of water at near-boiling temperatures at all times. As hot water is used from the faucet, it’s replaced in the tank by cool water, which is quickly heated. A thermostat monitors the water temperature and?controls the heating element.??

If an InSinkErator? filtration system has been added to the instant hot water dispenser, cool water first passes through the filter cartridge before it enters the hot water tank or travels to the drinking water side of hot and?cool models.

InSinkErator hot water systems include stainless steel hot water tanks

Each hot water system includes the InSinkErator? stainless steel hot water tank.

Instant hot water starts with the coolest part of the complete system –?the instant hot water tank. Each Involve Series? and?Invite Series? system includes the compact and?efficient InSinkErator? instant hot water tank, which is designed to keep near-boiling water ready all of the time.??

The stainless-steel lined tank connects to the instant hot water faucet without tools and?mounts quickly to the inner cabinet or wall with two simple screws. Its convenient temperature adjustment control on the front of the tank makes it easy to customize the temperature of your hot water.

Easily install InSinkErator hot water systems

Do-it-yourself installation. Enjoy-it-yourself convenience.

InSinkErator? puts everything you need in one box to make installing your instant hot water dispenser fast and?easy. Involve Series? and?Invite Series? systems are designed for do-it-yourself installation, with no special plumbing required.?

Each system includes easy-to-follow instructions that take you through the 5 basic steps, from installing the faucet to making the water connection.

Experience hot & cold water with Involve Series systems

Want both hot and cool water from the same faucet?

Involve Series? systems include a choice of either hot only or hot and?cool faucet designs. One handle for hot and?two handles for hot and?cool.??

A hot-only faucet is dedicated to dispensing near-boiling water on demand, while a hot and?cool model makes it possible to enjoy the convenience of both hot water on demand and?cool drinking water from the same faucet.

InSinkErator instant hot water faucets are designed for home kitchens

Transitional Involve? and Invite? faucets are designed to blend into your kitchen décor.

The unique style that InSinkErator? designers have given Involve Series? and?Invite Series? instant hot water faucets helps them blend seamlessly into most kitchen décors, from country to contemporary to everything in between.?

You’ll love the look of the streamlined and?low profile designs nearly as much as you appreciate the near-boiling water they dispense. Involve Series faucets are available in a choice of several finishes.

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