Precision temperature control.?

Now available at your fingertips.?

We’ve upgraded the industry-leading InSinkErator HWT tank with unmatched technology and performance. Our new 1300W digital instant hot water tank features an adjustable digital touch-screen thermostat control, so you can select the perfect water temperature – between 190°F and 210°F – for the perfect tasting hot beverage. In addition to precise temperature control, the advanced design features a 100% welded tank and increased insulation for ultra-quiet operation.?

C011_Feature_TankLanding_HWT-00 New

Better tasting hot beverages begin with the compact efficiency of the standard HWT tank.?

With its easy-to-adjust temperature control, 2/3 gallon stainless steel tank, 750W heating element and tool-free connections, it’s no wonder the InSinkErator? HWT-00 is the world’s best-selling instant hot water tank.

Welcome to the heart of your hot water system.


Made from stainless steel for years of dependable service.

Corrosion caused by minerals and water exposure can shorten the life of other hot water tanks. That’s why we use corrosion-resistant, stainless steel reservoirs to ensure that your InSinkErator? instant hot water tank will provide reliable service for years to come.


Discover your perfect hot beverage temperature with easy-to-adjust controls.

Our new HWT300 Digital Instant Hot Water Tank features an adjustable, digital touch-screen thermostat control, so you can select the precise water temperature between 190°F and 210°F. The HWT-00 tank is equipped with a convenient, easy-to-access temperature control dial that makes it effortless to adjust the instant hot water temperature to your liking.


The right size tank for preparing meals and hot beverages.

InSinkErator? instant hot water tanks hold 2/3-gallons of water – the ideal quantity for most household uses, including the preparation of meals and hot beverages. The tank’s capacity is optimally designed to heat the water inside quickly while ensuring a rapid recovery time. Efficient performance in a compact design, InSinkErator tanks can hang neatly on the back wall or stand upright on the floor.

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