InSinkErator instant hot water filtration system

Tap Water

Many municipalities treat tap water with chlorine, which can leave an unpleasant chemical odor and?taste. Even in those areas without chlorine treatment, tap water can contain minerals, metals and?other contaminants that affect the way it tastes and?smells. Heating water only seems to enhance the affects.?

Adding an inline water filtration system from InSinkErator ensures that the water from your instant hot water dispenser tastes and?smells great. For those faucets with both hot and?cool functions, inline filtration also makes it fast and?easy to enjoy filtered drinking water.


Chlorine taste and odor has met its match

The InSinkErator F1000S Filtration System?is designed to reduce or remove the unpleasant taste and?smell that chlorine adds to tap water. The F1000S inline design makes it easier and?more convenient to use than other water filtering methods. Simply open the faucet and?the filtered water flows.?

The F1000S system is the only filtration system designed for instant hot water dispensers and?installs easily with its snap-fit quick connectors. At the core of the system is the replaceable F1000 filter cartridge, which lasts up to 6 months. The filter cartridge is easy to replace as it is to use. Just a simple twist is all that it takes.

InSinkErator’s F-2000S water filtration system

Safer water is better water. That’s a plus

Adding an InSinkErator?F2000S Filtration System Plus?to your kitchen improves tap water quality by adding a higher level of filtration that reduces particulates, chlorine taste and?odor, PLUS potentially harmful contaminants such as cysts, lead, mercury, asbestos, benzene, atrazine, 2,4-D and?other impurities.?Your water will taste and?smell better. PLUS it will be better for you.?

The F2000 replacement cartridge, which is designed to last up to 6 months, also works with the InSinkErator F1000S filtration system. It’s fast and?easy to switch out, too. Just a simple twist is all that it takes.

Replacing your InSinkErator? water filter is fast & easy

It’s fast and easy to replace your water filter

It takes only seconds, but changing the filter in your InSinkErator? filtration system will give you up to 6 months of great-tasting filtered water.?

There are no doors to open or screws to turn with the InSinkErator system. To remove the expired filter cartridge, simply grip, twist and?done. It’s just as easy to replace the filter: insert, twist and?click. With the auto-shutoff feature that stops the flow of water when the cartridge is removed, you don’t even have to turn off the water supply to change the filter.

Need a reminder?when it is time to replace your filter?

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